The Verifique Cocaine Test Kit is a simple, single-use test kit that is designed for the detection of cocaine compounds including pure cocaine, cocaine hydrochloride, freebase, and crack cocaine. The test can be used to detect cocaine in any kind of sample, including pills, powders, vape pens, surfaces, etc.

The test consists of two separate pieces, a test pen and a test card, that come sealed in air- and water-proof packaging. The test pen is used to collect your sample, and the test card is used to conduct your test. The entire testing process takes less than 20 seconds to produce a result.

The solvent and reagents used in Verifique’s products are non-toxic and non-hazardous. Although you do not risk exposure to any chemicals from the Verifique test, users may opt to use gloves to protect themselves from the sample they are testing.

How the Test Works

Verifique’s test is designed to detect cocaine compounds. The test will presumptively check if these compounds are present in the portion of the sample that is tested. This means that a positive test result indicates that it is presumptively likely that at least one cocaine compound is present in the sample, in a detectable quantity.

This test cannot be used to discern which cocaine compound is present in the sample, or how many different cocaine compounds may be present. The test will NOT show how much of the test target is present, how it is distributed across the sample, how strong the sample is, or how pure the sample is.

Presumptive tests are not designed to give certain results and cannot replace a full lab analysis of your sample. A presumptive test cannot be used to assert that substances are safe and cannot be used to assert that substances are illegal.

If you get a:

  • Positive Result – It can be presumed that cocaine is present in a detectable volume in the test sample.
  • No Result – Cocaine cannot be identified in a detectable volume, so it cannot be presumed to be present. In the case of a negative, it is possible that the test target may not be present, may be present in an undetectable volume, or that it may be present and may be undetectable for another reason (a false negative result).

What the Test Detects

Verifique’s Cocaine Test is designed to screen for any cocaine-based compound, including pure cocaine, cocaine hydrochloride, freebase, and crack cocaine. This includes samples that are pure, and samples where a cocaine compound is combined with other adulterants.

The test can be used to screen many different items that contain cocaine compounds, or have been in contact with cocaine compounds, leaving trace residue. This includes samples such as pills, powders, oils, liquids, and rocks, as well as paraphernalia such as needles, spoons, pipes, vape pens, etc.

A list of common compounds that the test will detect is as follows:

Cocaine Compounds

  •  Cocaine
  • Cocaine Hydrochloride (HCl)
  • Freebase Cocaine
  • Crack Cocaine
  • Speedball (Cocaine + Heroin)


The Verifique Cocaine Test Kit consists of three pieces, delivered in a single, sealed sachet.

  • 1 x pre-treated VF Test Pen
  • 1 x reagent-treated dry paper VF Test Card
  • 1 x VF Results Record Card

The Test Card and Results Card are delivered together in a protective card sleeve.



Test Card

The Verifique Cocaine Test Card is a 3.5” x 2” paper card that consists of three separate sections. The top right corner of the test card is printed with the name of the test.

  1. Instructions: The five panels at the top of the card have instructions for conducting the test.

  2. Test Zone: This is the site of the reagent that will be used in conducting the test.

  3. Color Reference Panel: This color panel provides a quick reference guide for the color patterns that are indicative of positive and negative results. You are looking for the development of a distinct pink color as an indication of a positive result.

Screenshot 2023-10-19 at 11.09.23 AM

Test Pen

The Verifique Cocaine Test Pen is a plastic pen case that is used to hold the cotton tip used in sample collection. The cotton tip is pre-wetted with a natural solvent to help collect your sample.

To prepare the Pen for testing, simply remove the cap. The tip of the Pen should be damp.

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Record Card

The Record Card can be used to take notes about the results of your test upon completion. Fill out the fields on the card as necessary for your personal records. You may also consider taking notes in the blank space at the bottom of the card, and taking photographic record of the results of your test.

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