Following the testing procedure, it is recommended that users take a picture of the test result for reference, both the test card and test pen, as well as the sample itself.

You may also click the “Document Test” button to access our documentation application. This will take you to a separate portal that will allow you to upload a photo of your test to keep a permanent record in Verifique’s files, along with some other information, and for a copy to be sent to you by email. Please note, this will navigate you away from the instructions.

Following the completion of this procedure, the test card, test pen, and sample in question can be disposed of in the garbage. The test card and test pen do not contain any dangerous or hazardous materials, and do not require any special disposal procedures.

If the test was used to collect a sample from a consumable good — i.e. pills, powder, needles, etc. — said item should NOT be consumed, regardless of outcome of the test. If the test was used to collect a sample from a reusable product that users come into direct contact with — i.e. vape pens, pipes, etc. — said items should be cleaned thoroughly with soap and wiped dry prior to use.


If the user is ever unsure about the procedure or result of a test, the test should be re-done. If the user is uncertain about an element of conducting or analyzing the test, and cannot find answers in the reference materials, they should contact a member of Verifique’s team with relevant support (photographs, descriptions, test information) if applicable.